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    Axxon Next – Video Surveillance

    Axxon Next is a highly customizable object-based software for video surveillance and recording. The system is shipped with a video storage server with computing power.

    The Market Leader in Video Analytics

    Axxonsoft is the market leader in analytics-based video surveillance software. Operating since 2003, the company has implemented over 150,000 projects with approximately 2.5 million cameras through an international sales network in 44 countries. The end customer is always supported in setting up and maintaining the system. In addition, the manufacturer has more than 5,800 partners, with a distribution network covering over a hundred different countries. Elkome is a Certified Partner of Axxonsoft in Finland.


    Unparalleled ease and efficiency in processing of
    real-time and recorded video material.


    Retrieving Objects from Metadata

    Axxon Next Video Surveillance Software is capable of analyzing recorded video from hundreds of different cameras. Revolutionary function is made possible by software's ability to create metadata from objects such as vehicles or people. With metadata, huge amounts of video footage can be used to quickly discover the desired events. The results are immediately displayed just as using would with Internet search engines. The preview screens give you easy access to the actual recording. With traditional video surveillance systems, finding a similar object in a weekly recording, for example, would easily take one whole working day.

    Stands out from Competitors in Usability

    The software recognizes IP cameras on the network and mass-configures them easily during installation. The software is ready to use very quickly and is easy to use. Usability and search speed largely depend on the video storage server where the software runs. Recorded camera data needs a lot of storage space and requires a fast server to function properly.


    Features not found in other video recording software.



    MomentQuest is a tool for finding the desired objects in a specific time frame. Objects can be, for example, faces, vehicles or people.



    TimeCompressor is a tool that searches for all objects in a given time frame. Objects can be displayed simultaneously in layers over a moving search image.


    MultiCamera Search

    MultiCamera Search is a tool that can track the movement of an object from one camera to another and create a history of it with event chains.


    Face Search

    Face Search is a versatile face recognition tool for real-time and recorded video footage.


    License Plate Search

    License Plate Search allows you to retrieve a vehicle registration number from a live or recorded video.


    Fire & Smoke Detection

    Fire & Smoke Detection enables fire detection and automatic alarms.

    Using macros enables implementation of
    automatic monitoring and controls in various applications.

    Border Surveillance

    Areas that cannot be traveled or deviated from can be specified in the video image. When defined attributes are violated, the software can be configured to send an automatic alert. The application may be in the areas of production for pedestrians and the observed human figure outside the permissible area.

    Use of Safety Equipment

    In video surveillance, it is possible to configure electrical locks on gates and passageways not to open if, for example, a recognized human figure does not have the required protective helmet on. Automatic video surveillance is easy to implement in a variety of occupational safety systems.

    Combinations of Objects

    The software can be "taught" the rules by which the software sends an alarm. An example of an application is the automatic security monitoring at the airport. When the combination of objects (person + suitcase) separates, the system automatically sends an alarm to the guard.

    Combining Objects

    For example, it is possible to look for situations in which a human figure enters a vehicle.

    Multi-Area Search

    Find objects that have moved from one area to another at a given time frame.

    Combination Search

    A combination of different search criteria, such as combining motion with temperature information.

    Turn Key System Delivery:
    Video Recording Server + Axxon Next Software + Installation and Configuration

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    We want to get acquainted with your challenges and understand your needs. If you need assistance in design, manufacturing or system installation, feel free to contact us, and let's discuss how we can help you.