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    eTicket – A ticket System for Production

    eTicket is a electronic tool that supports the LEAN method. The needs, anomalies, troubles and other observations in production can be registered and tracked with it. Thanks to the eTicket system, even the smallest events that disrupts the production can be solved efficiently and systematically.

    Easy and fast way to record observations

    In the production, you often come across anomalies and problems that remain unhandled. Many of these cause unnecessary waste and thus reduce the performance of the company. Don’t just leave them be, instead post them as a task, i.e. a ticket in the eTicket system. Thanks to the electronic tool, no anomaly or problem will be left unhandled. Systematic recording and solving of the tickets will help to improve production and operation efficiency.

    Bring orderliness into production

    The user records the event as a ticket and classifies it into predefined categories. Event categories describe what type of discovery, disruption or anomaly happened. With event categories, it is possible to track, for example, in which categories most incidents occur.

    You can also assign a specific person to the ticket or it can be automatically assigned according to the event categories. Naturally, you can also give the ticket a desired priority or a completion time. Creating a ticket is extremely easy and simple. The threshold to report a work safety note or a development target is as low as possible.

    Assignments to smartphones

    eTicket Mobile system sends a task call to the receiver's smartphone. The receiver confirms the call to be accepted and takes over the ticket. The sender does not have to search for free resources because eTicket does that automatically and the job can begin immediately. The status of an accepted call is updated on all recipients’ smartphones. If necessary, the call can be sent automatically based on the event and predefined receiver groups.

    You get what you measure

    The ticket contains time stamps for all events. With time stamps, you can see how quickly the ticket is being responded to, and how long the different steps and solutions took.

    Real time reports for daily management

    Elkome eTicket system gives management a clear and real-time status view of the events in the production. The event classification reveals which problems in the production produces the most amount of tickets and stresses the production processes and resources. The reports provides information about the amount of the tickets, the response time, the resolution time and the person handling it. The eTicket system enables the optimization of resources and tasks based on actual measured events. The situation and key figures can be illustrated with Andon light, the info screens and the map screens in the production.

    The ticket system — A safe cloud service

    Elkome eTicket is a cloud-based system and works with all browser-based devices. The database and the user interface run on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform, so the user does not have to install any software on their terminals or servers. The eTicket system is designed to be as universal and open as possible. It is fast and easy to deploy in different environments, such as production, maintenance, logistics or IT support.

    Easy to expand according to your needs

    Elkome eTicket system is modular, so you can implement different functions as needed. In addition to the built-in base modules, the system can be expanded with customer-specific functions. The interface modules make it possible to connect eTicket to existing ERP and CRM systems. The machine module enables the automatic creation of tickets for alarms in a production machine or an automation system.

    Elkome team ready to help

    We want to get acquainted with your challenges and understand your needs. If you need assistance in design, manufacturing or system installation, feel free to contact us, and let's discuss how we can help you.