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    WhosOnLocation - Vierailijahallinta ja ilmoittautuminen

    MRI OnLocation – Visitor management and self-registration

    MRI OnLocation is a versatile visitor management and self-registration system that allows you to improve the company’s visitor experience. In addition to guests, you can also manage and monitor your own personnel and subcontractors.

    MRI OnLocation – Focus on visitor experience and safety

    It is important for companies to know which visitors, employees and subcontractors move around the company's premises and how their safety is guaranteed in emergencies. The versatile MRI OnLocation visitor management system was created for this need.

    MRI OnLocation works with its partners in 30 countries and serves its customers globally. In Finland, Elkome represents MRI OnLocation and supplies system solutions for visitor management, self-registration and safety communication.

    Visitor management
    and self-registration

    The presence
    of employees

    Access control
    for subcontractors

    Safety communication
    in an emergency

    Visitor management, self-registration and safety communication with the same system!

    Visitor management and self-registration

    With the MRI OnLocation system, you create a good first impression for the visitor when they arrives at your company. The visitor can register either to the lobby service or self-registration terminals. The system automatically notifies the visitor's host of their arrival.

    Self-registration speeds up the reception of guests and thus improves the visiting experience in your company. During peak times, self-check-in is a quick and convenient option for guests instead of queuing. During quiet times, you can free up your reception staff for other tasks without affecting customer service.

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    WhosOnLocation - Urakoitsijoiden ja alihankkijoiden kulunvalvonta

    The presence of employees

    The MRI OnLocation system can also be used to track employee attendance. As an employer, you have accurate real-time information about employees working in different areas – from offices to dangerous isolated spaces.

    With the WOLMOBILE application, the employee can easily and quickly log in or out of the workplace. The application also supports automatic location-based presence information.

    Access control for subcontractors

    With MRI OnLocation, you can monitor everybody in your company's area and in different facilities - including subcontractors. With the help of the system, you can monitor the realized workloads of external employees. The MRI OnLocation system can be used to inform occupational safety instructions and ensure compliance with the instructions intended for special areas.

    The system can also monitor the validity of various work permits. MRI OnLocation also enables tracking and management of borrowed keys, access cards or work tools.

    WhosOnLocation - Turvallisuusviestintä hätätilanteissa

    Safety communication in an emergency

    With MRI OnLocation, you have real-time information about all the people in the area. In an emergency, it is important to know and reach employees and guests in the danger zone. MRI OnLocation enables safety-related emergency messages and evacuation instructions to be sent to all people registered in the system and in the danger zone.

    With the WOLEVAC application, your company's safety officers always have a real-time situational picture of the people working in the area. In a dangerous situation, emergency messages and situation inquiries can be sent immediately and ensure the success of the evacuation.

    Easy implementation and maintenance - Fits according to your needs

    An easy-to-use cloud-based application

    MRI OnLocation is a web browser-based visitor management system. There is no need to install any client software. Thanks to the cloud-based visitor management system you always have the latest features of the system.

    Affordable and clear pricing

    The pricing of the system is based on the number of locations and registration events. You can have several registration terminals at one office, and it does not affect the pricing. You can get started easily and inexpensively with one terminal. MRI OnLocation is the most affordable visitor management software on the market.

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