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We want to get acquainted with your challenges and understand your needs. If you need assistance in design, manufacturing or system installation, feel free to contact us, and let's discuss how we can help you.

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    Software Development

    We design and manufacture software for the special needs of our customers. If you are looking for help in designing and programming a custom application, Elkome is your partner in implementing a software project.

    Custom software

    We design and manufacture customer-specific software. We help in software design, definition and implementation. As a result of a successful software project, you will receive a solution that meets your needs in a cost-effective manner and in the projected schedule. We also take care of the maintenance and further development of the implemented system for your future needs.

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    LEAN and the digitization of production

    We design and manufacture software that supports the LEAN methods which aim to make production and operations more efficient. With the help of our software, our customers have had success in increasing their productivity. You will also receive key performance indicators (KPI), eliminate unnecessary waste and get tools to continuously improve your operations.

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    Modern solutions for software development

    Device-independent web applications

    Web applications are a modern way to implement software that is independent from hardware and operating systems. The web application runs on the end device with an internet browser which means that there is no need to install separate client software for the users. The application itself runs on a separate server computer or cloud server which allows the application to be accessed easily and securely from anywhere via the internet.

    Mobile applications for smart devices

    The mobile app is a software designed for your smartphone or tablet. Many use a mobile application on smart devices rather than a web application running on the device’s browser. The mobile application is easy for the user as it runs on the end device in the background when needed and does not require the use of a browser. We have implemented mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

    Software solutions for various industry needs

    Data collection and storage

    We have implemented numerous data collection applications and IoT systems. We manage various sensors and interfaces to production systems as well as wireless data transmission technologies and cloud services for data storage.

    Visualization and reporting

    The information collected and stored in IoT systems must be shared and presented to those who need it in real time. We have implemented user interface and information display applications for data visualization and reporting.

    Device controls

    As a part of product development, we are responsible for the implementation of device control software. Machine vision, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT-solutions require special application-specific software knowledge of information technology.

    Quality management

    We have developed software solutions for quality management needs. With our solutions, our customers have improved the lifecycle management, quality and traceability of the products they manufacture.

    Testing software

    Automated testing systems which consist of product testing and test automation are our special expertise. These systems are solutions which are sequence-based testing software from our own application development.

    Production software

    We have designed software for production efficiency monitoring (OEE) and operational improvement. A comprehensive range of LEAN tools for streamlining and digitizing operations has emerged from customer needs.

    Strong knowledge and experience in numerous software development projects

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

    Elkome is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Our special expertises are software development and databases.

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    We want to get acquainted with your challenges and understand your needs. If you need assistance in design, manufacturing or system installation, feel free to contact us, and let's discuss how we can help you.