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Testing Systems

We design and manufacture customer-specific testing systems. Testing ensures the functionality, safety and high quality of the products. Automatic testing systems make it possible to test products quickly and efficiently. From Elkome you can get a turn-key solution for your product testing and quality assurance needs easily and cost-effectively.
- Everything from one and the same trusted testing system supplier.

Electrical testing

Electrical testing ensures that the product meets the safety requirements defined in standards and directives. We perform voltage tests for the products in accordance with the requirements and ensure the continuity of the grounding. We have implemented hundreds of systems for production needs, from small test devices to fully automatic testing lines with several testing stations.

Functional testing

Functional testing ensures that the product works as planned. The durability of the product is ensured by stress testing, where the product is loaded to reveal problems. The stress tester contains an aging cabinet, where the product's function is tested under varying conditions. In addition, the product can be stressed with intended or artificial loads. Stress testing can be done for both electrical and mechanical durability. 

Mechanical testing

Mechanical phenomena and events must be measured to ensure durability and functionality of the product. Such phenomena are e.g. vibration, shock, movement, pressure, strain, tilt angle and rotation speed. Elkome's wide selection of sensors and measuring devices provides a solution for measuring various physical characteristics. The measurements can be combined with testing systems designed and manufactured by Elkome. 

Contacting mechanics

Our expertise lies in crafting innovative solutions, from product pallets to specialized connectors, that seamlessly link products to testing systems. By utilizing our solutions, product testing processes become more efficient, while also ensuring that potential hazards resulting from improper connections are eliminated.

Testing cabinets and special centers

Our tester cabinets are carefully crafted to minimize space consumption in production areas, allowing for effortless and adaptable adjustments to production facilities for future requirements. With our innovative technical solutions, these cabinets are not only easy to maintain but also facilitate seamless electrical connections without causing disruptions to ongoing production processes.

Testing software and databases

The central component of our fully automatic testing system is the sequence-based testing software. This software is designed to efficiently create, manage, and execute test sequences for product testing. Utilizing our testing software automates the various testing stages, and the results are seamlessly stored in the database.

Sensors and measuring devices

Our team specializes in creating custom measurement and data collection systems tailored to the specific requirements of product development and quality assurance. We carefully select the most suitable sensors, measuring devices, and software for each system, ensuring accurate and efficient measurement processes.


Overall responsibility for system delivery 

From Elkome, you get an individually designed and manufactured testing system as a complete turn-key solution. We design the system optimized for your production and testing needs, and support you in the development of your testing methods and processes throughout the system's life cycle. We know the legal requirements and we make sure that all the rules related to testing are strictly followed.