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Industrial IT Solutions

Elkome supplies IT hardware and software solutions for industrial systems. The products are designed to last in demanding operating conditions and in applications that require absolute operational reliability. With decades of experience, we dare to guarantee that you will get the best possible solution for your needs, and you will be satisfied throughout the life cycle of the product and system. Elkome is your trusted supplier for industrial IT solutions.

Hardware in demanding operating conditions

Durability is essential for IT hardware to withstand the demanding conditions of the industry. Operational reliability is crucial for critical applications in production control and automation. Our expertise and experience help customers select the most durable hardware solutions tailored to their specific needs. You can trust that our products are designed for long-lasting performance and will consistently meet user expectations with unmatched reliability.

Standards and industry-specific requirements

Various industries require special approvals and standards for the IT hardware used in the systems. These include electrical grid systems, railway and ship applications, explosive Ex areas, cleanrooms in the electronics industry, and hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique standards and regulations across different industries, allowing us to recommend products that align with the functionality, durability, and safety requirements of the systems.

Application-specific hardware solutions

Today, industrial computers are constantly evolving to meet specific application needs. We offer IoT Edge computers for data collection, AI Edge computers for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and specialized servers for GPU computing and 3D modeling. These systems are designed with high performance and carefully selected components to ensure optimal functionality in industrial settings.

Industrial computers, specialized servers 

Our industrial computers are designed to withstand demanding operating conditions and to offer absolute reliability in critical industrial applications. The long life cycle of industrial computers and components ensures the availability of spare parts and the stabilization of the devices used in the systems without model changes for years to come. 

Touch Displays and Touchscreen Computers 

Our diverse range of products includes touch displays and touchscreen computers tailored for industrial HMI and SCADA systems. Additionally, we offer vehicle computers as well as Military-Grade and Atex-approved displays and computers specifically engineered for critical applications in challenging operating environments.

Network Devices and Remote Access Solutions 

We offer a range of network devices and remote access solutions for implementation of secure factory networks and industrial IoT systems. Within the industrial Ethernet switches, mobile routers and fieldbus converters that we provide, you can discover the perfect solution for all your industrial communication and data transmission requirements.

Vehicle computers, Handhelds and Tablets 

We supply vehicle computers as well as portable handheld and tablet computers for the needs of production, logistics and warehouse management. Our durable and ergonomic products enable uninterrupted work in all conditions. Investing in high-quality tools pays off with increased work efficiency and easy equipment maintenance. 

Our Solutions for Various Industry Sectors

Reliability and High Usability

We supply industrial IT solutions for the demanding needs of the manufacturing industry and infrastructure. We take full responsibility for the functionality and usability of critical systems. In addition to high-quality products, we offer comprehensive services for hardware purchasing, maintenance and service throughout the entire life cycle according to your needs. Thanks to our remote monitoring and maintenance solutions, you don't have to worry about the operation of the devices. We take care of all the maintenance for you. If you want, you can get an individual service package from us at a fixed monthly price.


Added value to your manufacturing chain

We deliver industrial computers, network devices and remote access solutions as part of machine and device manufacturers' own products and systems. Our wide range of products and our comprehensive value-added services ensure that our customers get an individual, precise solution for their equipment needs. With our services related to product purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing and logistics, we want to ensure that we are a value-producing piece in your manufacturing and value-adding chain.