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The basis of our customers' satisfaction is the uncompromising quality of customer service and individually implemented value-adding services throughout the life cycle of the products and the systems. We want to familiarize with your challenges and understand your needs. We want to provide the best product and service packages tailored to meet your unique system requirements for information technology, product testing, and quality assurance.


Engineering services

Proper planning is key to success

When a ready-made solution cannot be found, we design it from the beginning if necessary. Designing a product is not always a huge product development project. A solution that meets your needs can sometimes be designed surprisingly easily.

Systems consist of several products that must work together as desired. In addition to the functionality of the system, the wholeness requires an understanding of mechanical and electrical solutions as well. The system's functionality and intelligence are ensured by competent software design. We have implemented hundreds of projects related to industrial IT as well as production and quality assurance needs.

Assembly and manufacturing services

As part of our customer's manufacturing chain

We carry out electromechanical assembly and manufacturing according to the customer's needs, from small control boxes or device configurations to demanding system installations. We take overall responsibility of component purchases, logistics and warehousing that you as a customer do not need to worry about component availability, delivery times or manufacturing capacity. The finished product or system is delivered to you cost-effectively according to the agreed schedule. Our subcontracting services enable the customer to allocate their resources to their own production and operations more efficiently.

Installation services

The final touch completes
the ultimate outcome

We want to deliver the systems to our customers on a turnkey basis and take overall responsibility for the success of the delivery. Complete delivery is a safe and easy choice for the customer. As a customer, you don't have to worry about hardware installations, schedules or resources. The system you ordered will be delivered to you ready-installed and configured for operation on the agreed schedule. Our professional installers are responsible for the high quality and efficient execution of the installation work. We have carried out hundreds of installations and deployments around the world.

Software development

Every unique requirement
demands a tailored solution

Our team specializes in creating tailored software solutions for product testing, quality assurance, and production efficiency. By collaborating with us on a software project, you can expect a cost-effective solution that aligns with your specific requirements and timeline. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the longevity and adaptability of the system. If you need assistance with designing and programming a customized application, Elkome is here to partner with you in bringing your software project to life.

Technical Support

Immediate solutions
for your challenges

At Elkome, your satisfaction with our products and systems is our top priority. We're here to assist you through any technical difficulties and operational hurdles you might face.

Through our technical support, you can get advice via email or phone. For an enhanced support experience, we offer RemoteHelp and SiteCare services, providing remote and on-site assistance. Additionally, we provide an option to extend the warranty of all products and systems. These extensions not only prolong your warranty period but also enrich it with exclusive value-added services, for examble including a spare device.

Maintenance and calibration services

Ensuring your system's longevity

We provide comprehensive maintenance solutions for every product and system in our portfolio. Our goal is to ensure the enduring functionality of your equipment and your complete satisfaction with every purchase.

If your computer or measuring device requires maintenance, feel free to rely on us for prompt and precise servicing. In the event that your device cannot be fixed at our service center, we will arrange for it to be sent to the manufacturer for more extensive repairs. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that the sensors and measuring devices we offer are calibrated to meet industry standards and regulations.