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Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Solutions

Founded in 1986, Elkome has established itself as a premier provider of industrial system solutions. Our innovative offerings have empowered hundreds of customers to enhance their operational efficiency and increased the performance, quality and safety of their manufactured products. 

Part of the cutting edge of technology

Strong support from Addtech companies

Addtech AB is a technology group listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, which includes 150 companies and 3,700 employees in 20 different countries. The group's turnover is more than 1 billion euros. Addtech's vision is to be the leading value-creating technical trade group in Northern Europe. Addtech offers high-tech products and solutions for the needs of the manufacturing industry and infrastructure. In Finland, Addtech has more than 20 companies in addition to Elkome. Elkome complements Addtech's automation business with its products and solutions.


Developing and improving by doing together 

Elkome invests in employees' well-being and development at work. The foundation of our sustainable success is employees who are motivated and enjoy their work.

At Elkome, we have a spirit of working together. The work goes smoothly with functional tools. With the company's investments in work well-being and the appreciation of the staff, the team spirit and working atmosphere are encouraging.
- Auli Pietikäinen, Senior Logistics Advisor


Sustainability as Our Core Value 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, guiding our business operations with a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Our focus is on providing solutions that not only benefit our customers now, but also create long-term value for them in the future.

Our investment in the well-being and competence of our employees aims at creating a positive and motivating work environment, which distinguishes us from our competitors as the most popular employer. Our commitment to sustainable development and compliance with ethical guidelines form the basis for high customer satisfaction and the success of our company.

We also encourage our partners to make a positive change by following our ethical rules:
Code of Conduct (PDF)
Code of Conduct for Suppliers (PDF)
Addtech's Whistleblowing Service


Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Quality 

Elkome has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate by Bureau Veritas. This certification validates that our quality management system effectively fulfills the standards set by the quality system standard, demonstrating our commitment to customer-centric and systematic quality improvement practices.